Become a Beulah Bee 

Beulah is a small not-for-profit festival organised by volunteers. We donate all of our proceeds to charity. As such we rely on the support and generosity of our helpers to make the festival happen.


We offer a reduced rate Beulah Bee Helper's Ticket for £40 in exchange for 3 hours help.There are lots of different ways in which you can be part of the beulah team.

Bees are the inspiration behind our team working ethos. They teach us that:

*Honest communication and sharing information is at the heart of the team

*Cooperation is the key to success - behaving as a single organism & working to a common goal means that great things can be achieved together

*Division of labour makes us more efficient - As bees mature, they move through all the jobs in the hive before becoming food gatherers.  This means that they all know how to perform a whole range of jobs and in an emergency situation they can revert to former occupations to lend a hand. 

*The leader is truly the servant of all - We think of the Queen Bee as the leader of the hive, sitting regally whilst her workers bring home the nectar.  In truth, the queen is the servant of the team, laying the eggs to ensure the future survival of the colony. It's the team behaving as one, in pursuit of a common goal which brings success.


If you're interested in any of the following roles: gate crew, stewarding, cafe crew, welfare/first aid, please email Sarah at


Perhaps you'd like to get hands on and help us build the site, with general maintenance during the event and to support us with taking down. This requires a minimum availability of 3 days before, during or after the festival in exchange for a ticket and meals whilst you're working. Please email Miranda at to apply.


We also need people to help us make the site and the marquees look pretty. This requires a minimum availability of 1 day before the festival and may also involve the preparation of decorations at home. In exchange you will receive a ticket and meals whilst you are working. Please email Miranda at to apply.


If you would like to offer a yoga, meditation or dance/movement workshop please email Bridget at

If you would like to offer a children's workshop please email Anji at


If you are a qualified therapist, have your own insurance and would like to offer  sessions at Beulah, please email Kalyani at


Singers, musicians, artists, performers, poets who would like to be a part of Beulah, please email Jonny at

For all other enquiries please email