Celebrating Community, Connection and Creativity

6th - 9th July 2018

Here are some of our confirmed workshops. Check back for regular updates


Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs with Anna Semlyen. It’s easy, relaxing therapeutic yoga.

Sound Journey with Christian Baker. Come and experience a mystical journey through sound. Sound for the soul.

Wild Woman Mentoring with Alison Goodwin. Space for women, supported by yoga practice.
Ashtanga Fusion with Georgie McCredie. Synchronise breath and movement through the Ashtanga Primary Series.
Chi Gon and Yogic Breathing, Guided Meditation and Handpan Relaxation with James Burford.
Playful Dru Yoga with Sally Townend. The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy. Connect to your inner child!
An Energetic Sex Intro' With Roisin and Binoy. Experience the deep healing potential of sexual energy. Come on your own or with a partner. 16+.
West African Dance Class with Live Drums with Katya Harington, Diego and friends. "The drum is the heart beat, listen and feel connected to the drums."
Yoga Nidra with Jules Staverley. Enjoy the calm and stillness in the body that comes from deep rest, while the mind moves through various states of consciousness.
Qui Gung with Mike Hartley. Ancient body mind movement. A moving meditation developed to strengthen and balance the nervous system, the mind and the body. Improve physical and mental well being.
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique with Kirsty Elliott. Learn this groundbreaking technique for yourself to use for life.

Chakradance & Gong Sound Bath with Andrea Jackson & Craig. Well being movement practice and a powerful, holistic healing therapy.

Kung Fu Fusion with Angus McHenry. Exercise the mind, body and spirit.

Collaborative Sound with Lily Moharrer & Nel Begley. Communicate, share, play and explore through sound and rhythm.

Bollywood, Bhangra and Indian Folk Dance with RavindaCheemaUplifting. Excellent cardio workout and a chance to shake your bootie!

Sacred Dance for Women with Nel Wenek. A sacred Journey where you can connect with your inner source,with the pure essence within you.

Somatics with Sylvia Jay. Release chornic muscle tension through awareness and movement. Bring greater ease and joy to your whole life.

Cuddle Workshop with Andrew Broadbent. Explore platonic touch, connection, nurturing and personal boundaries.

Om Chanting & Meditation with Bridget Rowan. Chant and meditate on the vibrations experience the power of the sacred mantra OM.

Re-wild Yourself Flow Yoga with Emma Leaf. Dive deeper, get wilder, go inside, outside, and travel all the way through ourselves. We all become one.
Base Acroyoga with Jake Ainsworth and Gemma Crickmore. Challenge yourself physically and mentally through mindful movement.
Face Yoga and Meditation with Anne Marie Burford. Face yoga and eye exercises and eye exercises, incorporating pressure points, breathing techniques, crystals and essential oils to enhance and deepen the practice.
Tantric Sexuality with Tatiana & Kendal Aitken. Connect from our hearts through meditation, discussion and giving & receiving conscious touch, games and fun ways to explore yourself & others with heart connection. A safe and loving space.

Children's Workshops

A Tribe of Kids with Georgie McCredie. Adventure across the globe with expressive movement. An expressive movement workshop for children. We are at our strongeset when gathered as a collective.

Poetry Walk with Ravinda Cheema. We will walk and a little and listen to some fun poetry each time we sit down.

Childrens Yoga with Emily Winter. Inspire imagination, natural movement and expression. Storytelling, asanas, pranayama and guided visualisation.

Kung Fu Fusion with Angus McHenry. Learn to exercise the body, mind and spirit. Weave yourself a new pathway of courage, compassion and confidence.

Family & Friendship Dances with Nicola Kinsey. Dances of Universal Peave are simple, meditative, and joyous circle dances. Using sacred phrases, chants, movements and music from the world's wisdom traditions, we have fun, make new friends and explore our spiritual essence.

Circus Skills and Playtime Pop Ups with Paula and Ohiane

Songs n Stories with Noel Watkins

Create and Craft with Andrea Brajer

Picture Poetry with Cheryl Constance

*All workshops are subject to change and / or cancellation, before and during the event